Hanuman Tal, Jabalpur

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Hanuman Tal is a lake in Jabalpur that is located a few km away from the city. Out of the 52 lakes, thirteen have already dried; Hanuman tal or lake is well maintained and preserved by the government. The lakes are increasingly facing the onslaught of urbanization and population influx which is causing severe damage.

Hanuman Tal as the name suggests holds religious sentiments apart being a beautiful sightseeing destination. It is said that when Lord Hanumanji stepped on to this very place, a water body was created, and a lake was formed. From then, this very lake is known as Hanuman Tal.

Hanuman Tal is surrounded by many Hindu temples and Muslim mosques, making it a slightly sensitive area. The famous Beohar family has built and donated one of the Ghats on the banks of Hanuman Tal. This famous lake is certainly worth a visit on a trip to Jabalpur.

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