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Jabalpur Weather

The best season for visiting Jabalpur is during the winter seasons. The winter months include October, November, December, January and February and the period during this time is ideal to visit this city. Ensure that you check the temperature of those days in advance to avoid any inconvenience and do not forget to carry warm woolen clothes.


The summer season in Jabalpur begins in April and continues till June. Temperature reaches up to 48° Celsius during the summer months. As the summer season in Jabalpur is very hot and dry, heat waves are very common during this season. It is advisable to stay indoors as much as possible. A visit during this time is not advisable.


The monsoon season sets in Jabalpur around the last week of June and remains to show mercy till August after a scorching summer. The place receives a good amount of rainfall during this season. Since Jabalpur comes under south west Monsoon, the rainfall is maximum during the end of season i.e. in the month of August.


The winter season sets in Jabalpur by the end of October. Winter season starts from October and remains till February. The maximum temperature is around 28° Celsius, but mercury can drop down to as much as 2° Celsius. The winter season here is chilling but pleasant. Winter in Jabalpur is the ideal season by all means and this season helps in boosting tourism in Jabalpur.