Bargi Dam, Jabalpur

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The Bargi Dam in Jabalpur is one of the important dams on the River Narmada. It is one of the early major dams out of the 30 dams on this river. The Bargi Dam holds great significance as it is one of the major sources of water supply in Jabalpur and the adjoining region. Bargi Diversion Project and Rani Avantibai Lodhi Sagar Project are two important irrigation projects that have been developed by this dam.

Over the years, Bargi Dam has become an important tourist attraction of Jabalpur. The Madhya Pradesh government too has taken the initiative and opened a resort facing the dam which gives a breathtaking view of the entire dam and the reservoir. Boat ride, fishing, water scooter etc. are some of the facilities available which makes a trip to Bargi Dam enjoyable.

Furthermore, various birds such as mayna, parrots, cranes, pigeons and the local black sparrows visit the big water body at the vicinity of this dam. The place is a must visit for any student of the subject of Ornithology.

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