Memorial of Tansen, Gwalior

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The Memorial of Tansen which is also known as the Tomb of Tansen is a major monument of Gwalior. Tansen along with his teacher Muhammad Ghaus is buried here. Tansen was the famous musician of Akbar’s court. He was a stalwart of Hindustani music. He is one among the nine gems of Akbar’s court. He lived in 15th century. His teacher was a Sufi saint called Muhammad Ghaus.

Tansen also followed the Sufi culture. The mythical story behind Tansen is that rain started pouring hearing his rendering of the Megha Malhar raag. The Memorial of Tansen is a specific example of Mugal Architectural style. The prestigious Tansen Music Festival is conducted here every year during Novermber and December in which the great musicians of India participate.


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