Bishbhuji Temple, Guna

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The Bishbhuji temple is one of the renowned attractions of Guna. The temple enshrines the idol of Goddess Durga with her 20 hands. The temple is situated at the top of a petite hill and holds a large lamp pillar which is known as “Deep Sthambah”. This lamp pillar is best viewed from a far-off place, and it gives an alluring look to the temple from a distance.

The traditional rites and annual fairs of the Bishbhuji temple are held during the event of Durgashtami that usually falls in the months of March or April and September or October. The annual fair which is arranged in the temple premises continues for nine days.

Moreover, special puja and abhishek also which are performed during this time of the year. The fairs held during the event of Durgashtami boost tourism in Guna.


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