Ujjaleswar, Ganjam

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Ujjaleswar is located at a distance of 45 km from Behrampur in Ganjam. The Ujjaleswar shrine has naturally developed out of a cave on a hillock. Several steps have been built cutting the stones of the hill to reach the shrine. A huge stone that dramatically shadows the deity forms the backside of the temple. Even this stone has been chiseled out to form steps to enable the devotees to take a view around the temple.

The tranquil locality gives a feeling of rejuvenation and solace to whoever visits this place. Before reaching here, one has to pass through the Ghodahada Dam. The Ghodahada Dam has submerged a fort named Vijayanagara and its temple. The silence around this place is often broken by the herd of elephants, pythons and crocodiles that come here to quench their thirst. One can view these innate denizens by standing above the dam and experience the sight of exquisite wildlife.

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