Smit, East Khasi Hills

Smit is a small and serene village that is located about 16 kilometres from the capital city of Shillong, in the East Khasi Hills. A picturesque drive through the winding roads across the beautiful countryside would lead you into the lovely green hills which seem to stretch on forever.

One of the most imposing architecture of Smit is the local priest’s (who is known as ‘Lyngdoh’) house. A house built with wood and bamboo and having a thatched roof is highly revered by the locals. The ‘Ling Sad’, the royal residence of ‘Hima Khyrem’, believed to be the guardian of the indigenous religion, is also situated here.

Smit is particularly famous for its village brewery, which happens to be the only legal bar in the area. The brewery serves local rice beer and is primarily served by an aged man.

To reach Smit, tourists can avail the city share taxi or bus service, or reserve a transport from Shillong.

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