Laitkynsew, East Khasi Hills

Laitkynsew village, in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya is best known for its living root bridge. This fifty-three feet long and over a hundred years old Umnnoi root bridge, locally known as ‘Jingkieng Deingjri’ is the prime reason why thousands of tourists from all across the world visit this village every year.

The living root bridges are one of the must-see architectural wonders of Meghalaya. Built by the Khasis, strong and sturdy living roots are diverted such that they become a pathway over a river. Thus these serve as bridge and eases transportation.

Laitkynsew is also the best viewpoint for the Ka Likai waterfall, which originates from the neighbouring village of Nongriat. The best time to visit this place would be during the monsoon season.

The homely and peaceful Laitkynsew Resort is situated on one of the hilltops in the village and has an accommodation of only ten rooms (further construction is in progress). It is an ideal stop for people interested in trekking and other such activities. Last, but not the least, the extravagant food includes a variety of local dishes which are prepared by the Khasi ladies working at the resort.

The best way to reach the village of Laitkynsew is by booking a tourist cab from Shillong.

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