Mawsynram, East Khasi Hills

Mawsynram, once reported to be the wettest place on Earth, is a village located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, and is approximately 60 kilometres from Shillong.

Mawsynram can be heaven on earth for nature loving people, with all the steep, rolling, green mountains and beautiful waterfalls. Another major attraction of this village is the Mawjymbuin Cave. This cave is filled with amazing stalagmites, which has been formed from the dripping and deposition of mineralized solutions and calcium carbonate, over the years. The cave also has a dome shaped rock with a flat top and is called the Symper Rock.

Some other points of interest within and near Mawsynram are the Khreng Khreng Viewpoint, Jakrem Hot-spring, and Ritmawksir Viewpoint.

The best way to reach Mawsynram and also visit all the nearby places is by taking the Meghalaya tourism bus or cab service which covers all these wonderful destinations over the period of an entire day.

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