Galiakot, Dungarpur

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Galiakot is a hamlet located on the banks of the River Mahi, at a distance of 58 km from Dungarpur. According to beliefs, the village derived its name from a Bhil Chieftain who ruled the area. This village served as a capital to the Parmers and the Dungarpur State. Galiakot is famous for the Syed Fakhruddin shrine. Syed Fakhruddin was a renowned saint who after his demise was buried in the village of Galiakot. This holy centre was constructed using white marble and stands out as a brilliant piece of architecture in the region. Travellers can see the intricate designs on the dome of the shrine. A large number of devotees of Dawoodi Bohra visit the shrine on the occasion of 'Urs', which is held every year on the 27th day of Muharram.

Tourists can also see Vijia Mata's Temple, Vasundhara Devi Temple, and Sheetla Mata Temple in Galiakot.


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