Gaib Sagar Lake, Dungarpur

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Gaib Sagar Lake is an artificial water body constructed by Maharaj Gopinath (also known as Gaipa Rawal)in the year 1428. This lake has been associated with various legends and stories. It also finds mention in several literary works and historical documents. The Gaib Sagar Lake is considered as a holy place by the locals and they carry out various rituals here. Many renovations have been carried out on the lake by different rulers of Dungarpur. The lake banks have various beautiful palaces and temples.

A shrine dedicated to Lord Shrinathji  is located along the Gaib Sagar Lake. This shrine is a cluster of many temples including one main temple. Of these a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva , 'The Vijay Raj Rajeshwar Temple,' stands testimony to the splendid architecture of the sculptors of Dungarpur.


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