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St. Thomas Church, Diu


St. Thomas Church was built by the Portuguese in the year 1598. The ancient church is situated on an elevated platform within the walls of the Diu Fort. The construction of the church is designed in Gothic style architecture. The white washed exterior of the building still bears the worn out and faded portraits and paintings of the Portuguese times.

The church does not hold prayer services any more, though an annual mass is held on the ‘All Saint’s Day’ on 1st November. The building of the church has, however, been renovated and converted into a museum with primary accent on Christian religion.

It houses the stone sculptures of Christ and Virgin Mary. Other important archaeological exhibits include 400 year old carvings on fossilized wood, shadow clocks, marble statues of St. Benedict and St. Thomas, antique idols, stone inscriptions and several artefacts collected from abandoned churches or historical places in the island.

The church can be reached through a garden path flanked by beautiful fountains. It is brilliantly illuminated in the evenings and, the variegated lights present a charming sight.

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