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Nagoa Beach, Diu

Nagoa beach derives its name from Nagoa, a fishing hamlet called Bucharwada. The beach is a 20 minutes drive from Diu. It is a semi-circular beach in the shape of a horse shoe. The total distance of the beach from one end to the other is approximately 2.5 km.

The beach is situated at a comparatively isolated spot and, therefore, offers a completely quiet and peaceful environment. It is a perfect holiday destination for tourists who are tired of the noisy, stressful and hectic city life.

Nagoa Beach is exquisitely clean and beautiful. It is surrounded by dense groves of Hoka-palm trees which keep swaying to the whispering sound of the sea breeze all through the day lending the area a blissful ambience. The gently lapping waters of the beach invite the tourists to wade through them, or spend their time swimming or frolicking in them.

The beach is quite safe for swimming and other water sports. The more adventurous can take to sailing, boating, water skiing or similar other exciting activities. Those who are averse to swimming can loll about on the soft wet sands on the shores, or just take a nap under the deep and soothing shadows of the palm trees.