Gangeshwar Temple, Diu

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The word Gangeshwar refers to Lord Shiva who is considered the lord of Ganga because the river descended upon earth through his tresses. Gangeshwar Temple is, therefore, dedicated to him. It is located in a village named Fadum, just 3 km away from Diu.

It is basically a cave temple located in the midst of rocks on the sea shore. The shrine houses five Shivlingas which are constantly washed by the lapping waves of the Arabian Sea. The mystical scene of the waves of the ocean offering obeisance to Lord Shiva inspires deep feelings of spiritual reverence and devotion among the visitors.

According to mythology, the temple was built by the five Pandav brothers who were spending their exile in anonymity in this part of the world for their daily worship. The temple is, therefore, supposed to be as old as the time of Mahabharata. The awe inspiring and strategic location of Gangeshwar Temple on the sea shore lends it immense historical and religious importance.

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