Sri Aurobindo Relics Center, Dharamgarh

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Sri Aurobindo Relic center, situated in Dharamgarh, houses the holy relics of the Mother Sri Maa and Sri Aurobindo which were installed here on 4th February 2002. It contains the hair and nails of Sri Aurobindo. The Relic Center consists of a study circle or ‘Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra’ in it where the philosophy of Sri Maa and Sri Aurobindo are studied. It has got an Education Centre as well where the philosophy of Sri Maa and Sri Aurobindo is imparted to the society to achieve the perfection in life.

The Relic Center is surrounded by a beautiful and well maintained flower garden. Several devotees come here to seek Sri Maa’s blessings and to meditate in its divine ambience. To render proper environment for meditation, deep silence is maintained in each and every corner of the center. One sales office is also located inside the campus where visitors can purchase several products related to the teachings of Sri Aurobindo.

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