Mukhiguda, Dharamgarh

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Mukhiguda is home to some exotic natural locations located 87 km from Dharamgarh. It houses the famous and the majestic Indravati Dam built across the river Indravati is India’s largest and Asia’s second largest power house. The dam is surrounded by green fields used for cultivation. The river originates from Thuamal-Rampur and flows across dense green intricate forest and intervening valleys and finally halts at Khatiguda.

The location of the dam amidst the thick green hills and the serene blue water of Indravati which is an eye’s delight attract many visitors traveling to Dharamgarh. The reservoir facilitates boating and the amazing beauty of the location pulls many tourists to do picnic here. One temple named Talgud Shakti Pith is located in the nearby place which is considered to be the oldest temple in Mukhiguda. This is a must visit location for anyone traveling to Dharamgarh. 

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