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Dharamgarh is a sub-divisional head quarter of Kalahandi district of Odisha and is commonly known as granary of Kalahandi. Dharamgarh is one of the leading rice production centres in Odisha. Dharamgarh has earned its fame from the various ancient and some unique temples in and around the city. Tourism in Dharamgarh attracts many people to witness the splendor of nature like lofty hills, cascading waterfalls, whispering forests and intervening meadows.

Tourist places in and around Dharamgarh

Dharamgarh is the home to the holy relics of Sri Aurobindo and Sri Maa. Dharamgarh Tourism sees a heavy influx of tourists who come to experience the divinity of this Relic centre. The majestic waterfalls at Ampani and Dokhari Chanchra add to the beauty of Dharamgarh. The Junagarh town contains some ancient temple of Lankeswari, Kanak Durga and many more. Gudahandi is a place which is blessed with ample natural beauty and some ancient remnants as well.

The Indravati Dam in Mukhiguda amidst of dense green forests and hills is one of the major tourist attractions. Small villages like Khairpadar and Golamunda have scenic landscapes to offer to the tourists. Koksara is another small village in Dharamgarh and it earns its fame from the stone art made by various expert artists of this village. It houses some of the ancient temples like Shiva Temple, Danteswari Temple Budhharaja Temple and Sri Jagannath temple.

Best time to visit Dharamgarh

Tourism in Dharamgarh is at its peak from September to March.

How to reach Dharamgarh

Dharamgarh is one of the major tourist attractions in south Odisha and hence is well equipped with roads and rail services. Many state owned buses and private luxury buses are available to aid the tourists for communication. Many travel packages offered by the travel companies help the visitors to communicate to all major tourist destinations of Dharamgarh.

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