Dhalai – Tucked Away Between Forests and Hills

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Dhalai is one of the most recently formed districts of Tripura. The Dhalai district shares its boundaries with Bangladesh. The district headquarters of Dhalai is Ambassa. The district was formed in the year 1995 and has been named as one of the backward districts of the country by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.

Dhalai is located about 90 kilometres from the state capital of Agartala, and it takes about 3 hours on road to reach the state capital.

Natural Beauty of Dhalai

Dhalai is a beautiful district, mostly covered by forest areas and hills. The dense jungles add to the scenic beauty of the district compelling tourists visiting Tripura to spend a few days here too.

There isn’t any notable industry in Dhalai. However, the pineapple juice concentration plant setup by the North Eastern Regional Agriculture Marketing Corporation Ltd. (Neramac) is situated in the district. This is the only worth mentioning organised industry in Dhalai. It should be mentioned that villagers here are skilled in handicrafts products. Dhalai is also known to be a producer of incense sticks.

Tourist Places in and around Dhalai

Dhalai interest tourists and pilgrims who visit Tripura. Longtharai Mandir, Kamaleswari Mandir, Raas Fair are some of the tourist places and attractions worth visiting.

Dhalai definitely forms an indigenous part of Tripura.

How to reach Dhalai

Dhalai can be reached via air, train and road.

Best time to visit Dhalai

The best season to visit Dhalai is when the monsoons have receded and the winters are approaching. Thus, the months after October till March-April are a good time to visit the district.

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