Raas Fair Of Manipuri Community, Dhalai

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Raas Lila is the famous dance of Lord Krishna with Radha and her sakhis (friends). The Manipuris, followers of Lord Krishna organise yearly Raas Mela in honour of God and the dance. In Dhalai district, the significantly large Manipuri community organise the Raas Fair.

The largest fair is held in Salema, but nowadays the Raas Fair is held in almost every part of the district. Celebrated in the month of December, the biggest attraction of the Raas Fair is the Raas Yatra or the Lord Krishna procession. Clay models of Lord Krishna are displayed in this procession wherein his various deeds and phases of life are shown.

Many followers of Lord Krishna fervently participate in the Raas Fair held in the Dhalai district. In fact, it is one of the main tourist attractions in the district too. Ambassa, the district headquarters, is located 90 kilometres from Agartala.

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