Longtharai Mandir, Dhalai

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The Longtharai Mandir is the most revered temple in the Dhalai district. Longtharai is the Kokborok name of Lord Shiva. The temple lies about 102 kilometres away from Agartala.

It is believed that while Lord Shiva was travelling from Mount Kailash, his home, he rested in this area. Since he is believed to have stepped foot here, this area became famous, and a temple was soon constructed. Today the temple and the adjoining hill area are highly regarded and people from all over visit the Longtharai Mandir.

The word ‘Longthara’ also has another meaning- that of a ‘deep valley’. Khumpi is a local flower that blooms on the roadside leading to the temple. Not only is the temple a pious place, but the area around the temple is worth a visit too. The enchanting natural beauty that seems to be tucked away from the world of commercialisation and rat race is definitely a must visit.

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