Bishnupur – Of Terracotta Temples

The many laterite and brick styled terracotta temples that were built at Bishnupur in the 17th and 18th centuries dominate Bishnupur tourism. The terracotta influence doesn’t end there; the town has lots to offer like pottery products, jewellery and curios from homes.

Tourist places in and around Bishnupur

Some of the popular temples in Bishnupur are Dalmadal Kaman, Nutan Mahal and the birthplace of Srinibas Acharya.

Festivals and Culture

Durga and Kali Puja celebrations here are worth a watch with the city decorated with different hues. The fireworks and the food festivals add to the effect. Bishnupur also hosts a snake festival around the month of August every year.

Baluchari sarees for which the city is famous are sold at unbelievably good prices during festivals and one might want to stock up on them. Look out for the sarees that have stories and episodes of the Mahabharata woven into them.

How to reach Bishnupur

Bishnupur is a town located located in the centre of the state of West Bengal and is very well connected to the rest of the state by road and rail.

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