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Bishnupur-West Bengal Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Bishnupur-West Bengal

  • 01Jorebangla Temple At Keshto Rai

    King Raghunath Singh built this magnificent structure elevated with the help of laterite bricks in the mid 1600s.

    Terracotta style dominates the architecture of this temple with tales of culture, religious and struggle carved out on the walls. Apart from this one can also enjoy some abstract and geometrical designs, perhaps remnant of free art from back then.

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  • 02Rasmancha

    Characterised by a pyramidal tower it’s hard to miss this beautiful terracotta construction. Rasmancha is the oldest brick temple in Bishnupur and houses idols and scriptures of Lord Krishna.

    Rash Festival is jubilantly celebrated here and the local shopping prospects for terracotta curios and horses are plentiful.

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  • 03Shyam Rai Temple

    This five-peaked temple exhibits terracotta art in its true sense. It was built by Maharaja Raghubir Singh in the 1600s.

    The five peaks stand out and give it a peculiar grandeur that isn’t seen in many other temples around the place. The terracotta work on the walls speaks of tales from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. 

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  • 04Madan Mohan Temple

    Madan Mohan Temple is by far the best known in the region and was built in the late 1600s by King Durjana Singh Dev to honour his family deities Lord Krishna and Radha.

    One can appreciate the immaculately maintained Chariot-style architecture intertwined with stories from Hindu religious books, Ramayan and Mahabharata engraved on the walls.

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  • 05Biharinath Hill

    Biharinath Hill

    Biharinath hill is named after the temple here that is visited by many pilgrims throughout the year.

    The temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva features a different ambiance and atmosphere, which is quiet, serene and a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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