The Citadel, Bijapur

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Tourists are 'recommended' to visit the Citadel as it is quite popular for its architecture. The Citadel at Bijapur, also known as Arkilla, was built by Yusuf Adil Shah in 1566. There was a 100 yards wide ditch surrounding the Citadel which used to be the major source of water in the past. Inside the Citadel, there are ruins of Hindu temples which signify the importance of Bijapur city in the pre-Islam period. The surrounding walls of The Citadel are 30 to 50 feet high and are decorated with 96 enormous bastions of different types and designs.

The Citadel has 10 gateways with a width of about 25 feet each. The building was used by emperors of Bijapur for defying the trespassers. The monuments and the ruins present inside The Citadel reflect the beauty and magnificence of this place. It is a major historical monument and tourist destination in Karnataka. Tourists in a large number visit this place because of its historical importance. Gagan Mahal, the royal palace, Sat Manzil, Bara Kaman and Jala Manzil are some of the other popular buildings situated close to The Citadel.

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