Gagan Mahal, Bijapur

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'If time permits', visitors should see Gagan Mahal, which is a royal palace situated around 2 km away from the city of Bijapur. It was built by King Ali Adil Shah I in 1561 to serve dual purpose, one of a royal residence and another of a Durbar hall. The monument is constructed with a 21 metre façade and four huge wooden pillars with a grand middle arch. The first floor of Gagan Mahal was used as the residence by the royal people whereas the ground floor served the purpose of Durbar hall.

Among all the arches in Bijapur, the central arch of this monument is the widest and the tallest. The structure is now mostly in ruins and has become a part of a beautiful park. The hall looks similar to the set of an opera stage. From one side, the hall is fully open which gives the audience a clear view of the events and happenings from outside. Gagan Mahal holds great historical importance and is beautifully encircled by a moat and Citadel walls.

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