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Bhojpur is one of the districts of Bihar with Arrah being its administrative headquarters. It is widely believed Arrah derives its name from a Sanskrit word ‘Aranya’ meaning forest. A number of legends are also connected with Bhojpur.

According to Hindu mythology, Rishi Vishwamitra, the family Guru of Lord Ram took shelter in this region. Even in the echelon of modern history, Bhojpur has played a significant role in the freedom struggle of India. The district was the birthplace of many important freedom fighters who actively participated in the freedom struggle. The river Son and Ganges are the major sources of water in the district.

Bhojpur tourism is immensely famous for its rich literature and niche cinema. Bhojpur has a shinning literary lineage with the likes of Munshi Sadasukh Lal, Sayed Ishautullah, Lallu lal and Sadal Mishra being famous for their work in 'Khari Boli'. Bhojpuri cinema has evolved into a unique segment with it sown distinctive flavor. The Bhojpuri movies have a wide and large viewership base.

Bhojpur is an agriculturally rich place and the main crops grown here are paddy, wheat and the oil crops. Rivers provide for the irrigation facilities to the crops. The historical significance of Bhojpur has contributed a lot in the growth development of Bhojpur tourism. One can still find the horse driven carriages in Bhojpur.

Tourist places in and around Bhojpur

The important places to visit are Veer Kunwar Singh Kila at Jagdishpur, Maharaja College at Ara, Jain Mandir at Mahadeva, and Aranya Devi Temple. The climate of the district is of moderately extreme type and months of April and May are very hot.

Bhojpur weather

The climate of Bhojpur is extremely hot and humid. Winters are cold however.

Best time to visit Bhojpur

The ideal time to visit Bhojpur is immediately after the winters.

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