Temples in Bhojpur, Bhojpur-Bihar

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Parswanath Mandir is a century old Jain Temple and is located at Masadh Village. Mahamaya Mandir is located at Ekwari village and was built during Mughal period.


Mahathin Mai Mandir is located at Bihiya and draws many women devotees.Jain Sidhant Bhawan houses a library that has a unique collection of materials related to Jainism. It is one of its kind in Asia.Kurwa Shiv has some ancient statues related to Banasur. Venkatesh Mandir is situated at Perhap village and has Southern architectural style. Baba yagyeshwar dham, a shiv temple and is situated in Jagdishpur The holy 'Hanuman mandir' of Jagdishpur has also a widely worshiped. Jagdishwar Shiv Mandir is a Shiv Temple is situated in Khutahan. Late Jagdish Giri on the premises of Birla Temple, New Delhi, constructed the temple.


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