Mantridi Siddha Bhairavi Temple, Berhampur

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Mantridi Siddha Bhairavi Temple is a Devi or Shakti Temple located in a small village called Mantridi 18 km away from Berhampur. The location of the temple on National Highway 5 is very close to the border between Orissa and Andhra Pradesh making the temple equally accessible for denizens of both the states. The temple has seen numerous renovations with the latest renovation adding 108 idols to an extension to the existing temple including a sanctum sanctorum for Lord Jagannath.

The idol of Goddess Bhairavi was unearthed by a farmer ploughing his land. The idol was not sculpted again and stands today as it was found. The crude sculpture represents the Goddess as having three hands and one leg. The temple was frequented by sailors and sea men seeking a safe journey in the days gone by. Today the temple sees large crowds of devotees on Tuesdays and Sankranthi, Mahasapthami and Dushera.   

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