Maa Budhi Thakurani Temple, Berhampur

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Maa Budhi Thakurani Temple hosts the bi-annual festival, Thakurani Yatra. The festival begins with the head of the Dera (community of weavers) and his wife leading a procession of devotees to Maa Budhi Thakurani Temple. Dressed in traditional attire, the sight of the ceremonial head leading the procession is a visual treat to devotees and spectators. A large decorated chariot carries the goddess from her marital home to her parent’s abode.

The sight of thousands of devotees showering the idol with flowers through her journey at night is irreplaceable. The reverence and devotion of the gathering is infectious. The temple is located in Old Berhampur. The priests in the temple contrary to popular belief belong to the barber caste of Hinduism, a break from tradition. The festivities are spread over a month’s period. Folk dances drawing from the cultural identity of the place make the festival cheerful and enjoyable across all ages and backgrounds. 

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