Kulada, Berhampur

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Kulada is a religious retreat for spiritual followers of Maa Bagh Devi. The temple located in Kulada is dedicated to Goddess Bagh Devi. The approach to the temple is through a series of steps as the temple sits on a hill. Devotees climb 210 steps to reach the entrance to the temple. The merits accredited to Kulada however do not end at the religious front. A famed and renowned Oriya poet known as Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja called Kulada home.

The spiritual forces and the serenity that the abundance of nature afforded probably helped further his creative bend of mind. The ruins of an ancient fort with the Mahanadi River flowing on the east side of the fort makes Kulada an area reminiscent of the eons gone by. The western walls of the fort enclose a dense forest cover with sunlight that can barely penetrate the thick cover of the forest. 

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