Balkumari Temple, Berhampur

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The Balkumari Temple is located 30 km away from the Berhampur city railway station. The best way to reach the temple is via railway journey to Berhampur and then public transport or rental cars from there to the temple. The nearest accommodation for weary travelers is 16 kilometers away near Girisola. Most travelers prefer staying in Berhampur and then taking a day trip to see the Balkumari temple. The approach to the temple is through an astounding 1240 steps.

Although ascending the steps is daunting and undoubtedly tiring, it has spiritual significance. The idea of penance and worship are intertwined since the time immemorial. The approach to numerous temples across India are as difficult or even more physically draining. The path to spiritual life and a higher understanding is tough and demanding. Believers in the restorative powers of Balkumari come from Andhra Pradesh and parts of Southern Orissa. Tuesdays are religiously significant days for visiting the temple.

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