Mursing, Balangir

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Mursing is a primitive village inhabited by aborigines of Odisha. The place gets its name from Narasingha, the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu, who has killed a demon called Mura. This demon prayed to be associated with the name of Narasingha.

Although the place does not have a grand temple for the various Gods and Goddesses of Vaishnavism cult, Mursing does not lag behind in the performance of the rituals which are comparable with the temples in Puri. At present, the beautiful idols are enshrined and worshipped in a casual shade and all the rituals and festivals are observed in conformity with Hindu customs. There are certain idols that have gone through embodiment or Navakalevar. These idols are taken in different chariots during the car festival throughout the village.

Under the guidance of school teacher Bijoy Kumar Mohanty who was in the care of worshipping the old deity of Lord Jagannnath, the villagers invited the Rajguru of the King of Puri to consecrate the idol.

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