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Aurangabad-Bihar Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Aurangabad-Bihar

  • 01Deo Kund

    Deo Kund

    Deo Kund is noted for its historical worth that forms one of the major elements of Aurangabad tourism. It is positioned 10 km to the south-east of the border between Aurangabad and Jehanabad. Deo Kund houses an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

    The enthusiasm and joy is to be witnessed throughout Shivratri festival, when thousands of worshippers visit this temple which is worth witnessing. It is widely believed that Chyawan Rishi took shelter in this temple.

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  • 02Amjhar Sharif

    Amjhar Sharif

    Amjhar Sharif has immense religious significance for being an important Islamic pilgrimage centre of the city. The pilgrimage of Amjhar Sharif is the heavenly abode of an ancient mazaar (grave) of a Muslim saint named Hazrat Saiyadana Mohammad Jilani Amjhari Quadri.

    Thousands of Muslims visit this pilgrimage centre on the anniversary of the great saint which is held during the first week of June. The holy hair of Baba Hazrat is on display for pilgrims on this holy occasion.

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  • 03Umga


    Umga is one of the famous tourist attractions in Aurangabad and is located 26 km to the east of the city. This pilgrim hub houses a Vaishnava Temple. The architecture of the temple is distinct, as it bears resemblance to the Sun Temple built at Deo. Square granite blocks are used to build the splendid Vaishnava Temple. The temple worships the deities of Lord Ganesha, Sun God and Lord Shiva.

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  • 04Deo


    Deo is located 20 km to the south-east of Aurangabad; Deo is known as the home of the celebrated Sun Temple. The 15th-century-old temple is supposed to be built by a Chandravanshi king of Umga. The temple has an impressive structure; it is 100 ft tall with an umbrella-like top. The most important custom of worshipping the sun god includes taking a holy dip in its Brahma Kund, which dates back to the era of King Ayel. The temple witnesses numerous visitors during Chhath festival and even during other months.

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  • 05Pawai, Mali And Chandangarh

    Pawai, Mali And Chandangarh

    Pawai, Mali and Chandangarh are a delight for people who are interested in archaeology and even otherwise it’s a sheer pleasure to witness its treasures. The place is filled with archaeological treasures like remains of old forts of the rulers who may have migrated from Rajasthan.

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  • 06Piru


    Piru was known as Pritikoota in ancient times and was the birthplace of the legendary poet, Banabhatta. Visitors throng this location because of its serene surroundings and fresh and lively atmosphere.

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  • 07Siris


    Siris is another important location on the map of Aurangabad tourism. Situated at a distance of 14km from Aurangabad, Siris was a pargana during the rule of Sher Shah and the Mughal Empire. Over the years, the place became the playground of some unsung heroes of The Revolt of 1857. Siris has a mosque, which was built during the reign of Aurangzeb.

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