Salabat Khan's Tomb, Ahmednagar

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The Salabat Khan’s Tomb is a much sought after destination in Ahmednagar. Located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level on the top of a hill named Shah Dongar, the Tomb of Salabat Khan is popularly known as Chand Bibi’s Mahal. Salabat Khan had built the monument for his own self.Saalabat Khan served as a minister under Murtaza – the fourth Nizam Shah – during the reign from 1565 to 1579. The tomb gives a significant and historical insight into the death of Murtaza at the hands of the great Chenghiz Khan.The dome of the tomb is magnificent and huge, and can be espied distinctly from a great distance. It is surrounded by a three storeyed verandah. The tomb itself in constructed in an octagonal shape. It houses the remains of Salabat Khan, his two wives and sons buried near the tomb.

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