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Mahatma Gandhi Park, Adilabad

The Mahatma Gandhi Park in Adilabad attracts plenty of the local population as well as tourists all the year through. The park is a famous place among people looking for some rest and quiet. The park is situated right in the middle of the town and offers a beautiful and scenic atmosphere for walking, exercising as well as relaxing.

There are many exotic plants and trees that have been planted in the park. The lawns of the park are well maintained, and one can enjoy the serene environment of the park sitting on these lawns. There are a number of benches lining the walking path where one can sit down to take a breath.

The older generation of the local population is very fond of this garden since it gives them the idyllic place to catch up with family and friends. One has to be careful with the time of visit since the park closes at 8.30 pm.

Mahatma Gandhi Park Photos

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