Kadam Dam, Adilabad

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Kadam Dam, popularly known as the ‘Kadam Project’ has been built over the Kaddam River, which is a tributary of River Godavary, and is situated within the Adilabad district. The dam lies very close to the town of Adilabad and is famously known as the Godavari North Canal Project.

The construction of the dam was begun during the year 1949, and it was completed in 1965. The dam was built with the purpose of providing water for irrigating 25000 hectares of land in the district of Adilabad.

Today, the dam is one of the main tourist attractions around Adilabad. The dam is built at an interesting juncture, where the River Godavary becomes one with River Krishna. The place is a popular picnic spot since it is located in the lap of nature and offers green trees, sprawling well-manicured lawns and fresh air to the visitors. The metre-gauge train that runs between Secunderabad and Manmad also takes you to the site of the dam.


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