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Adilabad Weather

The best time to visit Adilabad is from October to February because these are the only months when the weather is not hot and humid. It is also easier to travel and go sightseeing during these months. However, travelers should carry light woolen clothing in case it becomes mildly cold in the evenings and at night.


Summer time is exceedingly hot, humid and dry in the region of Adilabad. The summer months are typically March, April, May and June. Of these, May and June are the hottest months with the temperature reaching as high as 45 degrees Celsius. This is definitely not the time to visit Adilabad.


Monsoons begin in the region in the middle of July and continue through the months of August and September. Adilabad receives moderate rainfall, and this is one reason the farmers have to depend on canals and dams for irrigation purpose. The temperature comes down during the monsoons, but it also becomes extremely humid.


Adilabad has mild winters unlike the northern cities of India. Winters usually set in towards the end of November and continue until the end of February. The weather becomes pleasant during these months with the afternoons being warm and the evenings being cool. It does tend to become relatively cooler at night though.