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Buning (N-piulong) meadow, Tamenglong


The Buning Meadow also known as the N-piulong Valley is another popular tourist attraction of Tamenglong district. Located in the Tamei town, the Buning Meadow is a stretch of uneven small mounts. Many orchids grow in the meadow making it very beautiful especially during the summers, precisely month of June. Wild lilies also grow in N-piulong.

Hoolock, gibbons, foxes are some of the animals that can be found in the Buning Meadow. It can easily be said that the Buning Meadow is a spectacle of flora and fauna that are not to be found everywhere. It is places such as the Buning Meadow that have made Tamenglong such a well-known tourist destination of Manipur.

Just when the summers are approaching, during the springs, the Meadow adorns itself like a beautiful bride. Orchids, wild lilies and several other colourful little flowers decorate the mounts creating an almost unimaginable picture.


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