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Jaintia Hills Tourism – Panoramic Landscapes and Undulating Hills

Pristine beauty rests on the hills and valleys of Jaintia Hills. If there are undulating hills in abundance, there is not any dearth of winding rivers all along the way. Jaintia Hills tourism is however not only about natural beauty but its rich history and close connection to present day Bangladesh. The Jaintia king who resided in the capital of the kingdom in Jaintiapur (now in Bangladesh) made Nartiang, a small village in these hills as his summer capital. As a result, thoroughfare increased, and cultural exchange was strong.

Jaintia Hills photos, Dawki - Balancing Rock near Dawki
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The Jaintia Hills is the collective term used for two districts, namely West Jaintia Hills and East Jaintia Hills. The district headquarters of West Jaintia Hills is Jowai while that of East Jaintia Hills is Khliehriat.

Jaintia Hills tourism consists of Nartiang which has the biggest collection of monoliths in a confined area. The Durga Temple in Nartiang is also an important attraction of the place.

How to reach Jaintia Hills

Jowai is about 65 kilometres from Shillong, the capital of Shillong. It takes about 2 hours to travel between the two towns. Roadways serve as the main means of transportation for Jaintia Hills. Tourists can make Jowai their base camp while visiting the various tourist attractions in Jaintia Hills.

Jaintia Hills weather

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Jaintia Hills sees heavy rainfall during the monsoons. It is pleasantly warm during the summers and severely cold during the winters. Tourists should visit the Jaintia Hills during the summers when there is less rainfall.

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