Make a visit to Karanji Anjaneya Temple in Bengaluru

Back In Time: Lakshminarayana Temple In Hosaholalu

Lakshminarayana Temple In Hosaholalu Karnataka

Have you ever thought how some ancient architectures are so perfect and symmetrical? Today, even with such advanced technologies, it takes years to construct buildings, just imagine how they would have managed in those times? Thanks to their passion,we have so

Devikapuram In Tamil Nadu

Devikapuram: The Land Of Temples & Silk Sarees

King Sri Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire is quite a famous historic figure. His time of rule is regarded as the 'golden time' of the Vijayanagara Empire. The architectural legacies in Hampi, Lepakshi, etc., depict the grandeur of the rule of

A Visit Ponmudi The Golden Peak Kerala

A Visit To Ponmudi – The Golden Peak Of Kerala

A hill station close to Thiruvananthapuram, Ponmudi in Kerala was always on my hit list due to its convenient location. Situated only 62 km from Thiruvananthapuram, I knew that I would make it to this exotic place sooner or later. Far

Bangalore Kodaikanal Road Adventure Redefined

Bangalore to Kodaikanal by Road - Adventure Redefined

Kodaikanal or Kodai (as it is popularly known) is a bewitching beauty by all standards. It is often referred to as "The Princess of Hills". True to its name, it has always managed to capture the hearts of travellers world over.