Mystical Temples of Thrissur

What You Should Know About High Altitude Trekking!

What You Should Know About High Altitude Trekking

Travelling at high altitudes deserves a little more respect than a normal vacation. At high altitudes, the air gets thinner and there is less oxygen to breathe. This makes every single task more difficult, you would find yourself getting tired and

Unusual Places In India You Didnt Know Exist In India

10 Unusual Places You Won't Believe Exist In India

India is not merely the name of a country, but it showcases a boiling pot of culture, traditions, history and hospitality to name a few, and many more to the list. One of the oldest civilizations across the globe, India has

Wagah Border Ceremony In Amritsar

The Wagah Border Ceremony – A Thrilling Experience

The first time I heard about the Wagah Border ceremony was when one of my mother's friends had witnessed this spectacle. It was a display of one's patriotism towards the nation. After hearing the stories from her, I did not believe

Beaches For Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

5 Beaches For Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

India is the abode of stunning natural beauty that ranges from the sun-kissed beach to the snow-clad mountains. Every individual who loves to travel is bound to find their most loved holiday destination in a nation like India. India is home