Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal

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Bhadrakali Temple is one of the oldest temples made in devotion to the Goddess Bhadrakali in the country. Believed to have been constructed by King Pulakesi II of the Chaluka dynasty around 625 A.D, it is located on the banks of the Bhadrakali Lake. According to Hindu mythology, the Goddess Bhadrakali (or Kali) is revered as the Mother Goddess and the deity worshipped in the Temple can be seen adorned with armours in all eight arms.

During the rule of Ala-ud-din Khilji and his successors, the temple fell into a dilapidated state, but renovation work done in the middle part of the 20th century has ensured that one of the most important surviving monuments that showcase the Chalukya architectural style remains intact.

A number of natural rock formations surround the temple and help add to the visual beauty of the place of worship, especially during the time of sunset.


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