Ross Hill, Vizag

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Ross Hill is also known by the name Kanyamarykonda and is the highest among all the peaks of Eastern Ghat. Vizag is surrounded by three hills, and each of them houses the shrines of three different religions.

The Venkateshwara hill houses a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ross Hill has the Virgin Mary Church and the Dargah Konda has the tomb of the Islamic saint, Baba Ishaq Madina. Ross Hill derives its name from the Englishman Mr Ross, whose house was located in this hill during 1864. The house was later converted into a chapel by the name of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. The path of the chapel is decorated with various Catholic icons and images.

The hill also receives a lot of tourist attention due to the scenic view it provides to the beaches, Port and the shipbuilding yard.




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