Bhimili Beach, Vizag

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Bhimili Beach is the popular name of the Bheemunipatnam Beach. The name of the beach is said to have been derived from the name of the Pandav prince, Bheema. The beach is situated place where the Gosthani River meets the Bay of Bengal. The Bhimili beach is stretched along the Bhimili Visakhapatnam Beach Road.

The beach is calm and safe for swimming. Evidences of Buddhist Culture, which dates back to the 2nd century, have been found in the Pavuralakonda hillock which is also referred to as the Narsimhaawami Konda. The ruins of a fort considered to be built in the 17th century as well as a cemetery enhance the beauty of the place and acts as a major tourist attraction. The area was a Dutch settlement in the colonial times.

Today there are several fishing villages around the area. There are also several pine trees and small temples close to the beach. The Bhimili Beach provides for a calm, serene and relaxing ambience for the tourists.


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