Ashtabhuja Devi Temple, Vindhyachal

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Ashtabhuja Devi Temple, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the goddess Ashtbhuja who was the daughter of Yashoda, the foster mother of Lord Krishna.

As the legends say, she escaped miraculously from the heinous clutches of the demon king Kans of Mathura and landed upon a hilltop in Vindhanchal Mountains.

The majestic temple is nestled atop the Vindhyanchal Mountain. Ashtabhuja Devi temple was built to commemorate the event. It is located three kilometers from the other important temple dedicated to Vindhyasini Devi.

The temple is situated against the backdrop of the majestic mountain range and is a great attraction for the tourists as well as devotees because of its serene and picturesque surroundings.

In the days of yore, the venue was a favourite destination of the kings who would visit it to perform secret poojas, yagyas and rituals with the help of the tantriks for scoring victories over their rivals and for the fulfillment of their desires.

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