Kalikoh Temple, Vindhyachal

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One of the important pilgrim and tourist destinations in Northern India, Kalikoh temple is located in a cave atop a hillock, about 2 kilometers from Vindhyavasini Devi Temple in the Vindhya mountain ranges.

This ancient shrine is dedicated to Goddess Kali and houses its idol. It is located amidst pristine streams in the thick woods that lend it a unique charm. Its unique location against the backdrop of majestic hills draws hordes of devotees round the year.

The temple is also home to a number of tantriks who perform several rituals for the fulfillment of the desires of the devotees and also to cure them of diseases.

Two other important shrines dedicated to Ashtbhuja and Vindhyavasini are located near the temple. The three temples together constitute a triloka –three worlds- or troika and the devotees consider it an act of great religious merit to walk around them. The auspicious ritual is called Triloka Parikrama.

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