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Vaishali has an extreme climate like the other places of Gangetic plains. In summers the mercury doesn’t shy from hitting the 45° C mark and during winters the temperature can drop up to 6°C. The best season to visit this Vaishali is winter i.e. October to March.


Since Vaishali falls in the tropical region it has got characteristics of a typical tropical city with hot and humid summers. Temperature reaches up to 45 ºC. While traveling to Vaishali it is advisable to carry light cotton clothes.  


Monsoon in Vaishali starts from August lasts till October. Heavy rainfall is faced during these months. Entire region is covered withgreenery during monsoon.  


It is the winter season when the mercury level goes down in Vaishali making it the best to visit the city. The weather during the day time is pleasant and the nights are really cold.