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Weekend Getaways From Chennai

Majestic temples, verdant rice fields, and workshops where women spin golden silk and form clay pots by hand - you can find all this and much more in Chennai's backyard.

Once you've had your fill of Tamil Nadu's capital, here are the best weekend getaways from Chennai for a break from the big city.

This list also includes a magical waterfall in the Hogenakkal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur, a beach beauty that's a less-touristy alternative to the ones near Mahabalipuram - and much more!



Famous for being one of the most exotic places to visit around Chennai, Kanyakumari is a paradise for experience-seekers. The art, architecture of temples, and even the local cuisine along with so many places to see in Kanyakumari that reflects every bit of its culture will leave you fascinated!



Yanam is a small city in the district of Puducherry, India and is one of the best amongst all offbeat Tamilnadu tourist hotspots. The place is famous for its interesting history and culture. One can enjoy the sunrise and sunset view from the viewpoint and visit a few holy temples spread around the city. The city also has some old churches with a touch of French architecture.


Trichy is one of the fastest emerging cities in Tamil Nadu that can be easily explored at a weekend. It offers multiple places for tourists to visit, like temples, and churches. Each brings an amazing uniqueness that will be etched in your heart for a long time.


Tranquebar is a tranquil destination known as the land of the singing waves. This tiny beach town dates back to the 14th century with the establishment of the Shiva Temple built-in 1306. The place has a lot of history to learn, amazing architecture to adore, and a lot of activities to enjoy in one of the best winter tourist hotspots.


Primarily known for two premier institutions, Christain Medical College and Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore is an ancient city located in the northeastern part of Tamil Nadu. The city has been aptly named Fort City due to the enchanting fort located in the heart of the city.


This is one place in South India that lets you witness the best of everything in one place. From boasting a beautiful beach, and a spectacular wildlife sanctuary to numerous temples & churches, Tuticorin is one of the best summer places to visit around Chennai and it makes sure that every moment of your holiday outshines the previous one.


Nagapattinam is a renowned pilgrimage centre with several places of historical significance. The place has many temples, churches and mosques spread all over which attracts tourists from far across the globe and makes it one of the best summer places to visit around Tamilnadu.


If you are someone who's on a constant lookout for places that are away from city life, Dhanushkodi is one of the best summer places to visit around Chennai. This beach town's grandeur and beauty make Dhanushkodi one of the best weekend getaway in Chennai for your next refreshing vacation!


Located in the Nilgiri hills, Mudumalai is one of the best summer places to visit in and around Chennai. Madumalai is also known for its wildlife persona. For anyone who loves an encounter with nature in the most unique way, the national park here is a must-visit.

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