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Visit the Padmanabhapuram Palace in Kanyakumari

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Kanyakumari is known for its spectacular for its amazing sunrises ans sunsets. Let us visit a palace that can be explored on your next trip to Kanyakumari.

Located at the foot of Veli Hills, which is a part of the Western Ghats.

Architecture of Padmanabhapuram Palace

The palace is built in typical Kerala style architecture. The place complex has several structures that makes it a visual treat to the visitors.

padmanabhapuram palace

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Mantrashala: Mantrashala is the King's Council chamber. This is where the King of Travancore used to hold personal meetings and meet his ministers. This chamber is the main attraction of the complete palace. The interior of the chamber always remains cool and dark, and the windows here are coloured mica to keep heat and dust away.

Lovely lattice work can be seen all over the chamber. The floor here has a perfect finish, which is made of multiple substances that include burnt coconut shells, egg white, etc. The floor is in such a texture that duplicating it would be almost impossible.

padmanabhapuram palace

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Thai Kottaram: Thai Kottaram, or the Queen Mother's Palace, is one of the oldest constructions of the palace complex. Built using traditional Kerala style architecture, the palace has an inner courtyard called 'nalukettu', sloping roofs and pillars to support the structure. There is a small chamber in the palace called 'Ekantha Mandapam' which means 'the chamber of solitude'.

Natakashala: Natakashala, or the 'Performance Hall', is another attraction of the palace. This is a relatively new building, and was built under the instructions of Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, who was a legend in Carnatic music, and a great lover of music, dance and other forms of art. This hall has granite pillars and shining black floor. There is a wooden enclosyre ehre with peepholes, from which women used to sit and watch the performances.

padmanabhapuram palace

Photo Courtesy: Aviatorjk

Central Mansion: There is a four-storeyed mansion in the centre of the complex, which has a royal treasury, King's bedrooms, worship chamber, etc. which were used by the Travancore royal family.

Thekke Kottaram: Thekke Kottaram, or the Southern Palace is as old as the Queen's Palace, and has a heritage museum with antique household articles and curios.

A trip to this palace is truly going to be a rewarding experience. On your trip to Kanyakumari, do visit the other attractions and complete the trip carrying home a bunch of memories to be cherished!

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