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An Adventurous Road Trip From Mumbai To Goa

By Akshatha

A road trip from Mumbai to Goa via NH66 ( NH17) route is an adventurous one. The route is scenic and enchanting. The Western Ghats almost follows you through your journey.

Mumbai, being around 600 km from Goa, it is beneficial for people to take an immediate trip from Mumbai to Goa. The road trip between these destinations is very popular.

Maharashtra is one of the best places for road trips as it is blessed with natural beauty. Goa, of course the Konkan region, cannot be praised less for the magic of nature.

A trip from Mumbai to Goa takes around 11-12 hrs, it also depends on the number of stops in the journey. People can reach Goa within a day. If you prefer a slower trip, you can visit the nearby destinations as well.

There are two major routes for this road trip: NH4 (Pune - Kolhpur route), which is the more preferred one and NH 66 (NH 17) - Ratnagiri Konkan Route ( crowded and little risky).

Route 1 (NH4) is used often because the roads are very good and are ideal for family trips whereas the Route 2 (NH17) is chosen by people who want to have a thrilling ride.

Here is a road trip itinerary from Mumbai to Goa via NH 66 (NH 17)!



Distance: Mumbai - Panvel: 38 km

Your journey starts from the dream city of Mumbai; get on your vehicles by 5am or at least before 6am, as the route you're taking is long, adventurous and a tedious one.

Even though the journey through NH66 (NH17) is tedious, it is worth the drive.

Join Sion - Panvel Expressway to reach Panvel.

Photo Courtesy: UrbanWanderer



Distance: Panvel - Karnala Bird Sanctuary : 13 km (via NH 66)

Panvel is known as the gateway to Konkan region. Continue your travel through Sion - Panvel Expressway to join NH66 (earlier NH 17) after crossing Mumbai - Pune Expressway.

After Panvel, you can visit Karnala Bird Sanctuary or Karnala Fort in Raigadh district. Breakfast can be done near Karnala or Panvel.

You can stop if you want to look around a bit.

Photo Courtesy: Mufaddalqn



Distance: Karnala Bird Sanctuary - Kolad: 65 km

Travel past the town of Pen, known for making Ganesha idols. From here your next destination is Kolad.

Photo Courtesy: Rajaramraok



Distance: Kolad - Chiplun: 127 km

Kolad can be a stop for lunch break. Since Chiplun is far from here, you can rest here for some time.

Kolad also has many tourist attractions; look around if you have time.

Photo Courtesy: Trinidade



Distance: Chiplun - Goa: 341 km

The name Chiplun means 'the abode of Lord Parashurama'. Chiplun is a fast growing town in Konkan region.

It is located on the banks of the river Vashisti and is also a mid destination for the Mumbai-Goa road trip.

Either you can visit the places around and stop for the day or continue your journey to Goa.

However, it takes around 12-13 hours to cover this route, so it is better to stop for the day.

Photo Courtesy: Pranav011

Panaji, Goa

Panaji, Goa

If you decide to stop in Chiplun, the next day your journey is towards Goa. Drive through Sawantwadi to Panaji.

Visit around the places in Goa and enjoy your trip.

This road trip via NH 66 - Ratnagiri Konkan Route is only preferred by adventure enthusiasts, because the roads get narrower and crowded.

This route is very beautiful; if you're looking for adventure then opt for NH66 route from Mumbai to Goa.

Photo Courtesy: Aaron C

Route 1

Route 1

Route map for the Mumbai - Goa via NH66 and Ratnagiri Konkan Region.

Total Distance : 587 km

Time: 11 h 47 min

Route 2

Route 2

NH 4 - Kolhapur Route is ideally preferred because the roads are very good and it takes shorter time to reach.

One can reach Goa in 8 - 9 hours by this route.

Total Distance: 608 km

Time: 10 h 38 min

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