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Some Exciting Places To Wander About In Mangan, Sikkim

By Aishwarya Mishra

PC: Prabhat114

Situated in the northern part of Sikkim, Mangan is deemed as the district capital and the most important town of Sikkim which comprises the least number of people. You definitely know about the North Sikkim highway, right? From Gangtok to Chungthang, it goes across Mangan. Mangan is definitely your pathway to enter into North Sikkim but apart from that, it is an amazing tourist attraction with a splendid view of the Kanchenjunga range as well. The Lepcha area of Dzongu is also quite nearby for you to catch a glimpse of it.

If you are travelling from Gangtok, Mangan is the very first town you shall come across. However, you should be aware of some things like there is a police checkpost present where your North Sikkim restricted area permit has to be submitted in order to grant you further access into the place. It was just a small town until the tourist influx began in North Sikkim.

Mangan is a gigantic place with many eateries as well as accommodations which fall within a budget. You can spend a night in Mangan if you want to explore the areas around you.Nevertheless, if you keep your eyes open and take in the breathtaking view around yourself, a road towards the left shall lead you to the glittering river Tista. The moment you cross it, you shall land in the Dzogu-Linghtham area. And who do you think lives here? The inhabitants of Lepcha.

Best Time To Visit Mangan:

You can visit during the hot months of April till the end of July. The temperature keeps fluctuating between 10°C to 28°C or you are welcome in the drizzling months from the start of July till the end of September and when it comes to the freezing cold winters, let the month of October and up to February be marked on your calendar.

How To Reach Mangan:

By Air: You can take a flight from your respective city to Bagdogra in West Bengal. Once you reach the airport, you can avail a bus or a private vehicle/taxi up to the state capital Gangtok and another local jeep till Mangan. This of course, is a longer route but was the only way to reach Sikkim until 2018. Recently, the Pakyong airport in Sikkim was inaugurated, you can check out the direct/connecting flights to this airport from your respective cities. The distance between Pakyong and Mangan is about 82 km.

By Rail: When we think of taking a train, the railway station is New Jalpaiguri in Siliguri which is strongly connected to all the important cities in the country. On reaching either of the stations, a public bus or vehicle shall take you till Gangtok and then merrily board a jeep or a bus up to Mangan.

By Road: As we all know, all the roads in Gangtok are well connected up to Mangan. From Gangtok, you can take a shared jeep to reach Mangan.

Tourist Places Of Attraction:

1) Siniolchu:

1) Siniolchu:

This is deemed to be among the tallest mountains in the Indian state of Sikkim. It shall delight you to know that it had been carved in the perfect imagination of Douglas Freshfield as "the most awesome piece of mountain architecture and the most gorgeous snow mountain in the world". Does that excite you enough to wonder where it is situated? It is present near the green lake opposite Kanchenjunga which is the highest peak in the state and the third highest in the world. The adrenaline rush of trekking to the top starts from Lachen and comes to a full stop on Siniolchu. Peak over the pine forest and you shall find the glistening peaks, capped with snow, Kangchenjunga and Little Siniolchu. But if you traverse from North Sikkim, then you have to book a cab from Gangtok.

2) Pauhunri:

2) Pauhunri:

PC: Vaibhavi Gandhi

This is a mountain cascading in the Eastern Himalayas. If you ask us about the direction, it boundaries around Sikkim, India and Tibet as well as China. Its location is some 75 km northeast of Kangchenjunga. It is at a height of 7128 m and can you guess who was the very first being to traverse its trails and wave the flag of being triumphant? It was the Scottish mountaineer, Alexander Mitchell Kellas as well as two Sherpas who were called 'Sony' and 'Tuny's brother'. You cannot even imagine what secret we uncovered after a span of 80 years! It was that this climb made Pauhunri stand out as the highest climbed summit on planet earth dating from 1911 to 1930.

3) Singhik Monastery:

3) Singhik Monastery:

PC: dhillan chandramowli

All adventure lovers out there, Singhik monastery is where you should seek to enhance your levels of excitement. It is a perfect paradise for remote and short-day trips like the Tosha Lake trek and the Jhandi viewpoint. You shall be mesmerized by the amazing Singhik monastery and the Lepcha houses shall enable you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes trapped in the lap of nature. If you pry into the traditional lives of the people of Sikkim, you have to be prepared for a journey of 15 km in order to visit the Dzongu and Tingchim village.

Not to forget one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim, it is known by the name of Phodong Monastery. It is only 30 km away from this wondrous location. What shall actually take your breath away is the stunning village of Kabi where the Lepchas had signed the Treaty of Blood Brotherhood during the 14th century. You shall reach this place in just one hour! When you are about to travel back to Gangtok, let your eyeballs roll at the enthralling Naga waterfalls which is only 15 km away from Singhik and the famous seven sisters waterfall is also only 40 km away.

4) Rong Lungten Lee:

4) Rong Lungten Lee:

PC: Sammykay007

This wonder house is only 8 km away if you calculate from the main city of Mangan. Its inauguration took place in the year 2003 and it is a marvellous replica of the Lepcha home and is located in Namprikdang. If we talk about the artefacts of the tribe of Lepcha, they are presented in three different rooms. And where do you think they must be storing their valuables? In an attic which is traditionally called a 'Phodong'. After this, it gets all the more interesting when we dig information about the ancestor clan of the Lepchas. They belonged to a country called Malay Lang, which is present at the foot of Kanchendzonga Hills. The community of the Lepchas is a small one and they are said to belong from Tibet or Nepal.

5) Lachung:

5) Lachung:

PC: Borkar Pranil

You shall simply fall in love with this village situated on both banks of the Lachung river. It is an attractive one including all aspects which shall allure a visitor towards it. It is peaceful and quite serene in nature. The word 'Lachung' stands for 'Small Pass' which lies quite close to the Tibetan border. The major eye-catching piece shall be the 'Lachung Gompa' whereas the Shingba Rhododendron also lies in close proximity and shall give you the chills. It is a boon for nature lovers.

So, do not delay any more! And pack your bags for the charming town of Mangan in Sikkim this season.

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