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Travel to the 7 Unique Mountain Peaks in India

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India is a country filled with surprises and they are hidden in each and every corner. It is a major tourist hub as it is home to various cultures, traditions, beliefs and superstitions. You will never tire of the knowledge that you receive when you travel through this country. While some of them are genuine there are many which will surely get your eyebrows raising. Amongst all these excitement are the major mountain peaks of India which stand out among the crowd and have their own story to tell the world. Here is a guide to the seven unique mountain peaks in India which every traveller should visit and know about.

Travel to the 7 Unique Mountain Peaks in India

1. Kanchenjunga

Kanchenjunga is the highest peak in India and the world's third highest mountain. It is located at the India-Nepal border in the Himalayas at an altitude of 8586 mt above sea level. Kanchenjunga literally means 'The Five Treasures of Snows' and consists of 5 tall peaks of which each is a divine repository of gold, silver, gems, grain and holy books.


Scenic view of Kanchenjunga.
Photo Courtesy: proxygeek

2. Sandakphu

Sandakphu, the highest peak in West Bengal is very popular among trekkers. Four of the five highest peaks in the world - Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu can be seen from its summit. It is also very popular for its seasonal and colourful wildflowers. It is a haven for trekkers as they get to see some of the most scenic views while trekking up to its summit.


View of the Himalayan Ranges from Sandakphu.
Photo Courtesy: solarshakti

3. Kinnaur Kailash

The Kinnaur Kailash is a mountain in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The peak has a height of 6500 mt and is considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. As per legend, a shrine existed here since the time of Bhasmasur, the deadly Asur (demon) who received a boon from the deity Lord Shiva after great penance, which entailed that any person's head touched by him will be turned into ashes. Even today the remains of a temple can be seen at the top of the summit. It is also believed that the soul of Bhasmasur lingers here waiting to take revenge on the Gods for tricking him.

Kinnaur Kailash

The first rays of the sun touching the peak of Kinnaur Kailash.
Photo Courtesy: snotch

4. Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri located at an elevation of 6,153 mt is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region. The peak is located in Hemis National Park and is often climbed as an initial non-technical foray into high altitude mountaineering. However this peak is very often underestimated for its difficulty level.Travellers coming here can enjoy the panoramic view of the region from the summit of the peak and also visit the Hemis National Park and be amazed by the wildlife that is to be seen here.

Stok Kangri

A view of the mountain ranges from atop Stok Kangri.
Photo Courtesy: Jorn Eriksson

5. Trishul Peak

Trishul Peak, situated at an elevation of 7159.75 mt above the sea level and is a major tourist attraction of Auli. This peak derived its name from the trident of Lord Shiva as there are mountain peaks here that takes the shape of a trident. It also has skiing slopes which serve as the training ground for the patrolling officers belonging to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force. The mysterious Roopkund Lake where 600 skeletons of human and horses were discovered is located on the foothills of the peak.

Trishul Peak

A cover of snow over the Trishul Peak
Photo Courtesy: Sanjoy Ghosh

6. Manimahesh Kailash

The Manimahesh Kailash peak which stands towering high over the Manimahesh Lake, is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. It is located in the Bharmour village of the Chamba district. It is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Himachal Pradesh and attracts many pilgrims in the month of August every year. This formidable peak has not yet been successfully scaled by mountaineers and is therefore a virgin peak.

Manimahesh Kailash

Picturesque view of Manimahes Kailash.
Photo Courtesy: Hiranmay

7. Om Parvat

Om Parvat, perched at an altitude of 6191 mt is one of the mountains of the Himalayan mountain range. This peak is also known by the name Little Kailash, Adi Kailash, Baba Kailash and Jonglingkong Peak. Owing to the pattern of snow settlement in the form of 'Om' or 'Aum' syllable, this peak holds religious significance in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Om Parvat

View of the Om Parvat.
Photo Courtesy: Aryarakshak

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